Our customised individual and team coaching is designed to ensure that your best people continue to grow and that your organisation reaps tangible and measurable benefits.

Leadership strategy and programme design

Meesschaert & Partners can help to ensure that investments in leadership development directly impact your business results. We make sure you have the right people in the right places so that the company's strategic vision is realised via a talent development architecture which is aligned to that vision.

We design talent development programmes for promising employees that directly link up with your organisation’s ambitions. Your company can then create a robust pool of internal talent that will be ready to support future growth strategies. Based on this knowledge, we work with you to develop and implement multi-faceted leadership development programmes including training, coaching, practical learning and mentoring.


We design customised learning programmes based on our best practices, in line with your specific business needs for leadership development. To facilitate valuable knowledge transfer from current to future leaders, we create a culture of knowledge-sharing and coaching within your organisation that, in turn, leads to increased professionalism and effectiveness as well as constant feedback for improved performance, personal leadership, business knowledge and results.

Coaching programmes

Our leadership programmes can help you boost business results by developing promising employees to fill new roles or improve performance in their current roles. We focus on lasting behavioural change and teaching leadership skills with measurable results. We offer various coaching methods, including 3, 6 and 12-month programmes designed for high-potential employees or those in leadership positions. We also have shorter-term coaching for specific needs in terms of employee skill development.

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